Tips for choosing the concept of pre wedding photo

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Outdoor wedding photography

Before Photo Pre Wedding.

1.Choose concept in your pre wedding photography, wedding kosep the same with you. For example, if you are in the wedding ceremony, you choose to use modern concepts, preferably in pre wedding concept also modern. Such as the use of modern dress and wedding suit, modern clothes everyday also you can use. As a party dress if pictures were taken during the day or evening and beach wear your everyday clothes.

2.Should choose a concept according to your personality, if you are a bit shy and not accustomed front of the camera, you should choose a natural concept. Because the concept of pre wedding emphasize natural expression of both of you.

3.Choose the concept that you can tell friends and family about your meeting with the couple. If you can, choose a place that has a story or memory about you and your partner.

Editing 4 you must also specify the concept, which emphasizes the concept to digital imaging, and the concept of a more natural mekankan to editing (editing is not too much, and more emphasis to photography and color). The concept of natural editing is preferred by the couples who come from European and American countries. Since the pre-wedding photo, fashion trends will not be affected at this time and so on.

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