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Marriage was one of the moments of life that is sacred and unforgettable. No wonder if every pair of celebrities and ordinary people, especially women will choose the best wedding dress. No exception and the famous female artist in the world became the icon of a wedding gown. In fact, not only the wedding dress she wore, but every detail of accessories that she wore at the wedding will be in duplicate by fans. Here the designer wedding dress compete to produce his masterpiece. Here are some of the artists and famous women in the spotlight with her wedding dress.

 Kim kardashian wedding dress Married in August 2011 wedding dress Kim Kardashian became one of the most spectacular wedding dress. Why Kim's wedding dress in the category of spectacular? due to the dress she was able to spend a cost of US $ 2 million.
Kim Kardashian's wedding dress was designed by renowned designer Vera Wang. Kim increasingly look elegant by using the white dress.

Graceful, that's the right word to describe the beautiful wedding dress of Kate Middleton. Walking on the red carpet bersanma husband Prince William, Kate looked so elegant with a classic dress works using Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.
The specialty of this wedding dress is because of all the techniques and materials wedding dress made traditionally by a team of designers.With the back of the dress decorated throughout 2,7meter make traditional and classic shades more viscous.

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